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Little Black Pant, Perfect Fit

With the introduction of the Fitlogic Fit Technology and Apparel Sizing System, Fitlogic has taken the  guess work out of apparel shopping for women weary of wondering what size they are depending on the apparel’s designer, retailer or whim.

The patented system is making its debut in the form of the “Little Black Pant with Fitlogic,” available only by calling 800.261.7049 or online at the company’s website. The Fitlogic sizing system is proven to fit 95 percent of women regardless of shape or size.

fashion pants

The Little Black Pant from Fitlogic for work or play.

How it works

Fitlogic is designed like an operating system for apparel, making it easy for women to know what size they are from one brand to the next, regardless of style, price or channel. It shifts the onus of finding apparel that fits from the consumer to the manufacturer. The consumer simply learns one universal symbol and then shops for garments with Fitlogic knowing they will fit the same every time. In addition to the consumer benefits, Fitlogic makes life easier on the brand with more efficient planning and execution worldwide, and on the consumer for ease of shopping in all venues. It reduces time consuming try-ons, returns and costly alterations.

The Fitlogic technology can only at this time be found inside the Little Black Pant, which is offered size 0-18 and in shapes 1, 2 and 3. The pant is offered initially only in black in a universal fashion style and the fabric is a quality washable poly-rayon-spandex. Customers can discover their perfect fit by answering a few short questions on the website in 30 seconds or less.

“Women are an eight in some brands, a 10 in others and up to a 14 in some designer brands. Why can’t an eight be an eight in every style you try?” says Fitlogic Founder Cricket Lee. “Our vision is that women will be able to someday look to the fashion brand for style, color, fabric and quality, and leave the fit to Fitlogic.”

Fitlogic origins

When Lee first began presenting the concept to the apparel industry in 2002, she met with resistance to the concept of a universal fit application, as each apparel brand follows its own guidelines.

These resistance factors helped her formulate the Fitlogic solution and hone the final product. From Lee’s perspective, the final step in the process of gaining widespread industry adoption now lies with the consumer. “Fitlogic really works and women love it!” says Mark Mendelson, CEO of Ellen Tracy. “After tests were held in Macy’s and on QVC, we found that once a woman identified her size and shape with Fitlogic, she could comfortably purchase our pants without having to try them on again.”

Special offer

Fitlogic’s Little Black Pants are available this month online at for $59 in a free 30-day trial to ensure complete satisfaction (consumers pay only shipping and handling). Cricket Lee’s Little Black Pant with Fitlogic is manufactured in the USA.

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